DE PODCASTS waarin we alles bespreken over gezondheid en je hormonen!

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Alles over Hormonen

Wat zijn Hormonen, hoe raken ze vermoord en wat kunnen we zelf bijdrage aan een hormonale gezondheid.


Hormonale klachten

PMS, PMDD en Endometriose, hoe herken je het en wat kun je eraan doen?


The podcast where we talk about how to live in harmony with your hormones!

We are so happy to finally share with you what we have been working so hard on for the last months!✨

For our Value Creators Semester at Windesheim Honours College, we (Amber Lups, Limor Guetta, Margot Lebreton, and Sophie Dortu) wanted to create something that would help women live better in balance with their cycle and all it brings 🌸 And through research, co-creation, and collaboration, we have found several topics needed to discuss, that we put together in a four-episode podcast!

We would be very grateful if you can give it a listen or share the podcast with your network and young women in your life that need to hear more about these important topics! We touch upon the menstrual cycle and its phases, symptoms, nutrition, lifestyle, femininity, and more 

Amber Lups, Limor Guetta, Margot Lebreton, and Sophie Dortu.

For our Value Creators Semester at Windesheim Honours College, we created a podcast that would help women live better in balance with their cycle and all it brings....


Listen to our 4 episodes

Welcome to the first episode of Hormonize the Podcast! ✨

We are super excited to finally share with you what we’ve been working on.

In this episode, we are not only introducing ourselves, but we are taking you through the menstrual cycle and its phases.  Did you know that as a woman your hormones are continuously changing? We are discussing these major hormones, their function, and how they fluctuate throughout the cycle.

Next episode we discuss what symptoms these hormones can cause when there is an imbalance!

Welcome to Episode 2 of Hormonize the Podcast ✨

In this episode, we take you through the different symptoms you may experience during the cycle. We discuss what they could stem from, what too much or too little of one hormone could cause, and what options you have to recognize and fix these symptoms. Finally, we talk all about the birth control pill and its effects! 

Do you experience any symptoms? Do you feel like these tips could help you? We are excited to hear your experiences, thoughts, and opinions! 💕

Stay tuned! Next episode we dive deeper into nutrition and sports and how this is linked to your cycle!

Welcome to the the Third Episode of Hormonize the Podcast! ✨

In this episode we talk all about nutrition and sports in relation to the menstrual cycle! We start off with telling some general guidelines each person could follow. Then we dive deeper into specific foods and different types of movement that can support each phase of the cycle 🌼

Important to note: We are not telling you what to do, but are just giving some general tips! Nutrition is a topic that’s highly individual, so it’s always important to contact a health provider (such as an orthomolecular therapist, hormonal therapist, or dietitian) who can help you with your specific needs!

Stay tuned! Next episode we dive deeper into lifestyle, feminity and hygiene! 💕

Welcome to already the fourth and final episode of Hormonize the Podcast! ✨

In this episode we dive right in! We discuss everything lifestyle, femininity, and hygiene. 🌸 We talk about feminine energy and work culture, the importance of sleep and habits, and give you some tips on herbs, supplements and essential oils that can be good to support your cycle. We also touch upon hygiene, suggesting what period products are best to use for a woman. So there's a lot to discuss! 🤍

We are very grateful that you have made it this far into listening! We hope that you have learned some interesting facts on the cycle, and are finally aware of what it really entails for a woman 💕 

Thanks for listening!

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